Welcome to the Site

Welcome to the new site. I have been publishing blogs on my official Law Society page for a few weeks, but found that there was far more content that could be published and shared online. This site is the result, where it is possible to publish material on any range of topics, and also tie in the companion blog with the Law Society. Also supplied is a live updated twitter feed and a set of links to other useful pages. There is also a link to my linked – in network page, and more links will no doubt be added in the coming weeks. I hope that you enjoy the content on the site, and please feel free to leave any comments with any of the articles, or drop me an email at peter.wright78@gmail.com.

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About DigitalLawUK

Digital Law specialist advising on Data Protection, privacy, security, social media & the law and dispute resolution. Solicitor in England and Wales. Take a look at DigitalLawUK.com for more information on they type of advice we can provide

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