Winter in the Uk

In the UK we’re preparing to celebrate what looks like being the coldest Christmas in a generation. Yes, we’ve had snow before, we had a huge amount of snow in January of this year in particular. What is making this event different is that only a few years ago, British winters had become so mild that you were lucky if you got more than a few very frosty mornings. Indeed, in 2000 the Independent Newspaper published an article lamenting the loss of the British winter. White Christmases seemed to very much be a thing of the past at the time.

Yet we have had weather like this before. In recent history, winters in the late 1940s and early 1960s were particularly harsh, certainly with more widespread snowfall than we are having now. The only difference is that fifty years ago we didn’t have the world’s largest international airport and high speed International trains in London to be affected by it.

The response across Europe to the current cold weather has come in for criticism. However prolonged cold weather is nothing new to those in the more northern states of the US or Canada or in Scandanavia. Whether we are likely to get more winters like this in the near future is unknown. In the meantime, we will just have to get used to journeys taking a little longer and the need to wear shoes with plenty of grip. Pass the grit……  



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